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May 6, 2011

The Nokia Shorts Competition finalists 1-4

We wanted to know about those of you in the Nokia community who have had the movie-making magic worthy of putting their name in lights along with some of Hollywood’s greats. Well, maybe that’s a touch far, but we did ask you to come up with a video pitch of an idea for a film or a video that was no longer than two minutes for the Nokia Shorts competition.

Naturally, we received some great entries and the unenviable task of filtering them down to the final 8 had to be made. You might say we made the directors cut and our 8 finalists were selected for their flair, finesse and out-and-out fantastic pitch ideas.

Remember, these guys will now get $5,000 to shoot their short production with 2 Nokia N8s. All 8 films will premier at The Nokia Shorts Weekender in Edinburgh with the Nokia Shorts 2011 Jury Prize & $10,000 cash going to the best mobile motion picture!

Let’s take a look at finalists 1-4 below, with 5-8 being revealed later on today!

Pearls (of Wisdom): Jason Van Genderen


Already an award-winning mobile film-maker, Jason promises a unique short documentary with no script and no actors. What he does promise is to capture ‘pearls of wisdom’ from the homeless and displaced people that he plans to film.

The Adventures of a Cardboard Box: Temujin Doran


We all know from our childhood that a cardboard box could sometimes be a million different things. Temujin’s pitch touches on that idea of one boy and his adventures with a cardboard box.

Sand: Joseph Marcantonio


A post-apocalyptic cowboy film! Need we day more? That’s how Joe describes his story of a guy scavenging for scraps. I can’t wait to see this!

The Rider: Josh Brooks


Set in the hills of Montana, Josh’s film promises some spectacular scenery and the twist of a classic story told on a modern mobile device

Stay tuned for the final 4 finalists who we’ll reveal later today!