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May 6, 2011

The Nokia Shorts Competition finalists 5-8

Following up from our post earlier today we can reveal the next four finalists in the Nokia Shorts competition.

Thunk in Public: Ryan Maples


Ryan wants to explore a comedy short on unfiltered thoughts. This definitely has the potential for some funny and awkward situations!


Homecoming: Teemu Nikki


Fish, Salmon, a knife and a pair of gloves make the props for what I’m sure will be a very warming and well-humoured film.

Splitscreen: A love story: James Griffiths


James’s film is about two people who fall in love, told through both their perspectives simultaneously. We look forward to seeing how James films this challenging take on love!

Daniel: Aurora Fearnley


A drama fantasy about one person coming to terms with a special gift. I won’t spoil what that gift is… you’ll have to watch the pitch below 😉

So, there are your 8 finalists! They’ll all be appearing at The Nokia Shorts Weekender in Edinburgh so keep a lookout for all the coverage right here on Nseries!