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GLOBAL – Taking photos of objects on the street is a favourite pastime of mine. Whether it be a lamppost or a letterbox, I like to look at ordinary things at different angles to get a unique perspective on it. Molome, one of the newest apps to hit Ovi Store, helps you do just that. Transforming your ordinary photos into something special, to share with your friends.

As I mentioned in the intro, I love crawling around to take that different shot of something quite ordinary. Once I’ve taken that shot, it usually just sits on my phone never to see the light of day again. If I could share those shots in a more fun way, then I would undoubtedly share them more. I’ve found that fun way.

Molome, in their own words “is an easy & fun way to share your journey of life.” and I’d agree. Once installed and loaded on your phone you need to go through the usual registration – which is free – and your online photo album will be created, ready to be filled with your creative photos.

The bottom of your screen is your menu bar where you’ll navigate around the app. The first step for you will be to connect Molome to your Facebook and Twitter profile – you don’t have to, of course – so that you can share your creations. To do this, you’ll need to press the Profile button on the bottom right. Look for the social network section, and enter your login details.

Share is the important button in this app, it’s where all the magic begins to happen. Pressing it will give you two options. To either take a new photo or to pick a photo from your gallery. Let’s assume you’ve not got any photos on your phone, so opt for Take a Photo. In the camera view-finder that pops up, you’ve got the option to activate macro mode and to alter the flash settings, using the tabs at the top of the page. Line up your subject, press the camera key on screen or your usual hard-key and you’ve got your shot.

Next you’ll be asked to add some effects. I’ve got a few favourites. There’s the Red, Blue and Green which removes every colour from the image, besides the colour you’ve chosen in the effect. This works really well for red buses or a leafy green street, just for example. It gives some great images of the world around you.

Another preferred effect of mine is Vintage, which closes in the borders of the image and changes the colours slightly as well as the focus. Besides these few mentioned, Gentle Art, Tilt Shift, and Sepia are a few more. There are more to choose from too, I’ll leave them to you to explore.

Selecting Next will confirm your special effect and take you to the upload page, where you’ll be asked to give your edited image a title with the option to share to your Twitter or Facebook profile, using the on/off switches on the screen.

After uploading this image, the app takes you to the Timeline section where your images will be found, along with the time and date you uploaded them. You’ll notice that these images have a small red heart and a small speech bubble under them. This is where you’ll see if people have commented on your image or have given them some praise by pressing the love button. There’s also the chance to win badges for receiving a hundred or thousand of photo views, so you’ve got to make them extra special. It’s all part of the sharing fun.

One thing I found difficult to find was how to change my avatar from the default one. It turns out you need to take a photo using the app, upload it, select it from your timeline, press the image and then select Make Profile Picture, which seems a little long-winded to me, it should be easier. However, this is the only downside and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Give it a go. Download, install and start uploading your creative shots and share your thoughts with us. You can also share your Molome images with us if you like, in the comments box below.