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May 10, 2011

Introducing LinkedIn for Symbian smartphones

GLOBAL – Nokia today releases a brand new app bringing¬†LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals, to Symbian smartphones. The app, available for free on Ovi Store, allows users to send and receive messages from their connections, add new ones, respond to invitations, browse profiles, view and compose status updates. There’s screengrabs and more after the jump

Here’s the LinkedIn home screen. If you’ve used the web version of the network, then it will be pretty clear what’s going on here. The only mystery might be the speech bubble icon at the top-right – it allows you to compose a status update, which can be automatically syndicated to Twitter.

LinkedIn Screenshot sym3

The Reconnect screen shows you people you might know, based on people you do know and places you’ve worked. The results are uncannily correct, as per the web version.

Linked reconnect

Finally, here’s the inbox section of the app. Clicking on a message opens it full screen and allows you to reply, delete or archive the message.

Linked inbox

The app was created using Qt with the LinkedIn Platform, the company’s development toolkit to allow programmers to access the network from external applications. We think it’s a very useful addition to the Symbian business user’s toolkit.

Have you tried out the new app yet? Here’s the link again.