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GLOBAL – We’re surrounded by Nokia phones here at Conversations, with always one in our pockets, so we know quite a lot about the devices. However, there are some features that go unnoticed even to the trained eye. Did you know your phone has turning control? Well it does, and here’s what it does and why it could be useful to you.

Turning control – for those who don’t know – is a way of telling your phone to perform a certain action, by simply turning the phone over onto its screen, ending the need to find the correct button.

Turning control is automatically turned on on most devices, as it’s used to rotate the screen when you turn your phone from portrait to landscape mode. For any other function you’ll need to find the Turning control option in the menu, found here in your phone: Menu > Settings > Phone > Sensor Settings > Turning Control.

It’s here that you can see the other two options available. One, is the Silence calls feature. If you’re in a meeting or in class and you’ve neglected to turn your phone off or put it into silent mode, receiving a call can be quite embarrassing or even get you into some trouble. If the phone does spring into life with the sounds of Metallica – or something more fashionable – you’ll want to try your best to silence it as quickly as possible. Rather then fumble for the off key, lift the phone from the desk, gently turn it onto it’s screen and the ringing will stop, leaving the caller to ring off and hopefully to voicemail should you have that enabled.

The Snoozing alarms feature does the same as the option above. When your phone rudely awakes you from your slumber at an unearthly hour of the morning, there’s no need to open your eyes as you look for that snooze button, turn the phone over and snooze is activated. Leaving you with some extra time to catch those zzz’s.

Do you use the turning control feature? We’re sure this feature could be extended to other uses, don’t you? Let us know, in the comments below.