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GLOBAL – Every Friday, we take a some time out from our usual postings to bring you a variety of interesting or fun things we’ve found on the World Wide Web. Earlier this week, Rovio released Angry Birds in the Chrome Web Store, meaning you can now play it from your browser. So, to mark this occasion we’ve rounded up a few Angry Birds videos, of a different kind. It’s Friday’s Pick and Mix.

  • Cake. Everybody loves cake. Especially kids for their birthday. But how to make the best cake in the world? Make it a playable Angry Birds cake, that’s how. Here’s Ben’s awesome birthday cake, built by his dad for his special day.
  • We don’t know about you, but our fingers get a little worn out from hours we spend launching birds at pigs on our phones. There must be an easier way to play. Well, there is. Controlling the game using nothing but your powers of your brain. Where do we buy one of these?
  • The Angry Birds theme song is now a widely recognised sound. On a train, in a park or even from somebody sitting in an office, you’ll hear that sound and instantly know what the person is up to. Here’s Pomplamoose with their cover of the theme song.
  • Man has pitted themselves against machine for years in order to prove we’re still the greatest thing on the planet. Sometimes we lose though, as this video demonstrates. Man 0 – Robot 1
  • In a alternate reality where the Super Mario Bros. and Angry Birds collide, the game play may look a little like this, in this fan made animation.

Have you found any other interesting Angry Birds videos? Let us know.