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May 16, 2011

Nokia Shorts: Finalist 2 (of 8): The Rider

We’re back for more Nokia Shorts action with the second of our 8 finalists featured below. Introducing Mr. Josh Brooks…

Josh is a 23 year old filmmaker, who in his spare time, enjoys Jiu Jitsu, weightlifting and movie theatre. Let’s find out a bit more about Josh’s short – The Rider.

What inspired your short-story pitch?


I had seen this old abandoned barn in the flathead valley and knew a film needed to be shot here. I loved the music video “lovely bloodflow” by youngreplicant, the fact a costume and some cool scenery can take you back a hundred years inspired me to do the same, but in this case with a western.


Why are you passionate about films?


I think a whole bunch of low budget filmmakers especially from the vimeo community have inspired me, the fact you don’t need a huge budget or an expensive camera to produce a good film, just a good idea and imagination and you’re on your way.


Who inspires you?


My Dad loved watching great movies and growing up he revealed to me so many great classics. When i got my hands on my first camcorder when i was 14 i was hooked, the fact i could create a story and watch it back made me thirsty for more.


What is your favourite short film?


All the work by


What is your favourite film of all time? Why did it leave such an impression on you?


There are too many great films for me to say!



What was the first film you’d ever seen?


First film (or beginning of a film) i saw in the movie theatre was “The Crow” when i was 5, my mum meant to take me to see Aladdin but took me into the wrong screening room… great movie btw!


Who is your favourite director?


Coen Brothers, Robert Rodriguez, David Cronenberg…


Have you ever met a film star?


A lot of celebs, but no film stars.


Described the best scene ever committed to film


The most memorable scene i can recall is probably the hallway fight scene in “Oldboy”, one shot and looked very real.


It’s the 100th anniversary of the first Hollywood studio, what are your thoughts on its legacy?


Timeless and inspirational


Thanks for your time Josh, we look forward to seeing your name in lights at the Nokia Shorts Weekender in Edinburgh!