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May 17, 2011

Flight Control lands at Ovi Store

GLOBAL – How would you like to take control of an entire fleet of aircraft and guide them safely in for landing? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? While most of us will never get the chance to do this in real life, Flight Control from Ovi Store lets you do it – virtually.

Created by game developers Namco and then redistributed by Electronic Arts in Ovi Store, Flight Control sees you becoming the man – or woman – in charge at an airport’s flight control tower. Ensuring all the aircraft land safely is a tough job. But it’s your job.

There’s four levels to play in this game, each one getting harder than the previous one as more and more aircraft fill your screen. Starting at level one, you’ll need to navigate a continual supply of jumbo-jets, helicopters and another light aircraft. The bigger planes fly around at the fastest speed, the smaller planes fly marginally more slowly and the helicopter flies the slowest. This variety makes guiding the aircraft to their runway or landing pad difficult to judge.

As the aircraft roll onto your screen from the edges, you need to use your finger to control them each individually. Place your finger onto the plane – or helicopter – and run your finger across the screen, creating a path for them to follow. The end of your path needs to start at the beginning of the runway, but make sure you don’t send all the planes down the runway at the same time, otherwise they’ll collide and it’s game over.

This is a great game that could take up hours of your time as you try to juggle the ever-increasing number of aircraft in your airspace. Download Flight Control from Ovi Store. It’s currently on offer at half price, £1.50. Usually it costs £3.00.

How’s your flight controlling skills? Let us know what you think of this game, or let us know your scores, below.