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May 17, 2011

How to kill camera shake on your Nokia N8.

Remember that mobile movie by Finnish pro snowboarding magazine Slammer? The self-styled freestyle Pocket Movie will showcase new talent shot exclusively on the Nokia N8. Pocket Movie director, Mikael Ahtikari, says hold on tight if you want to get some great action shots.

Jaakko Tervonen’s silky skills in a steady shot taken on the Nokia N8.

The big beginner’s mistake is camera shake, says Mikael. He has the job of wading through the mountain of snow videos currently in the Slammer editing room. Clips have been piling up ever since 10 Nokia N8s were thrust into the gloved hands of some rookie riders last year.

Novice filmmakers often fail to keep the camera still. Mikael’s a steady old hand at shooting freestyle videos. Long before Pocket Movie, he began snowboarding as a pint-sized 8-year-old and was only a medium-sized 12 when he got into making films.

Fail! Avoid the big beginner’s mistake. Camera shake can ruin a shot.

Get a good grip. When your subject is fast moving a firm grasp is essential, Mikael told us.  The GorillaPod’s wrappable stand gives good stability, wound round your arm or a well-placed rock.

Super Clamp

The classic Super Clamp has also proved to work well on some video shoots.  If you’re stuck, a standard tripod and gaffer tape will give you a firm footing.

N8 on tripod

Get a good grip. The GorillaPod gives you firm grasp and a steady shot.

Pocket Movie will cast young hopefuls alongside world champions like Eero Ettala and Enni Rukajärvi. It’s due for release later this year. Until then, if you want to take your video to new heights, get a good grip on your Nokia N8 for some great action shots.