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PORTLAND, OR, United States – What’s one of the main reasons you bought a smartphone? To have the Internet in your pocket, right? Also, to have access to the people and information that make your life interesting and the services that, in turn, interest you.

Yes, we love to do social networking, snap photos and message back and forth, but access to information,*our* information, is a key motivator for buying a smartphone and paying for that data plan each month. This is especially true for sports fans, and here in the States, we have a wide array of sports fans. In some areas of the country, hockey rules, while in others it’s all about soccer, lacrosse or even Nascar racing.

So, if you’re a sports fan and you happen to have a Nokia device, what apps are great for giving you access to your players, your team and your particular sport of choice. Today, we’ll dig into the top sports app for US fans of varying degrees of color and seriousness.

Scores Now! scratches an itch that major sports fans desire constantly. That is, we want to know what’s going on with our team and the scores of matches that are going on right now. Even better with Scores Now!, the app has a widget that gives you access to the score of your choice right on your homescreen, without the need to load up the app. Scores Now! is free and covers teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and the MLS, meaning fans of all colors will be happy with this application.

ESPNsoccernet: It seems with World Cup last year, the USA has been bit with the soccer (football to the rest of the planet) bug. The MLS (professional soccer league) has sprung up in cities all over the land and folks are generally more interested in soccer both local, national and international. ESPNsoccernet is from the famous sports network ESPN and shows in depth coverage and match commentary on your favorite team. The app is attractive and keeps soccer fans in the know.

NHL GameCenter: The NHL playoffs are currently underway here in the USA and Canada, which means NHL fans are more riled up than at any other time of the year. This official NHL app features scores, stats, photos and more. NHL fans can also keep up to date with schedules and standings that are tailored to their particular team. You can also view Twitter feeds and pull up player profiles as desired.

Official New York Knicks: There are a series of apps by publisher Handmark in the Ovi Store that are written for specific professional teams. I picked the Official New York Knicks to show how this NBA Team has brought a specific application for it’s fans. Knicks fans can stay in depth with news scores, and highlights of recent games directly to your Nokia. There are apps in the Ovi Store for many teams so be sure to search for your particular team to find the respective application for your favorite club.

As you can see, there are many apps available to keep you up to speed on your favorite team, league or sport. Which apps do you regularly use that are focused on sports?  Let’s discuss below in the comments!

Image credit: JSmith Photo