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May 18, 2011

Nokia Shorts: Finalist 3 (of 8): The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Our third Nokia Shorts competition finalist is 27 year old Temujin Doran. Temujin says his hobbies are reading, drawing, travelling and throwing snowballs. (We agree on the last oneJ)

If you’ve missed the first 2 finalists, you can find them here and here.


Over to you Temujin!


What inspired your short-story pitch?

A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.


Who inspires you?

Terrence Mallick, Adam Curtis, George Santayana, Ernest Shackleton, Chris Watson amongst others.



Why are you passionate about films?

I have worked in a cinema for about a two years as a projectionist, and watching films over

and over again, means that I tend to examine them quite a bit, to see how each part is made. Its quite fun, and I guess I try to use any knowledge garnered from it in my own films.


What is your favourite short film?

I really like ‘La Cabina’


What is your favourite film of all time?

I guess I would have to say Annie Hall, by Woody Allen, as I have watched more times than any other film, and actually wrote my dissertation about it.


Why did it leave such an impression on you?

It seems to me a perfect combination of humour and melancholy, use of interesting (and at the time ground-breaking) film techniques. And the cast, dialogue, and subtle use of music is incredible.


Who is your favourite director?

Despite the above – either Terrence Malick or Edgar Wright.


What was the first film you’d ever seen?

The first I can remember seeing in the cinema was Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Have you ever met a film star?

I guess I have got to meet quite a few, through private screenings, or Q&A sessions through my work at the cinema. The most memorable would probably have to be Ian McDiarmid, or the ‘Emperor’ from Star Wars. Both of us were excited, me slightly more so.


Described the best scene ever committed to film.

Possibly the invention of the hula hoop in the Hudsucker Proxy.


Name a memorable moment in your life.

Hearing a Tibetan girl learning to say my name.


It’s the 100th anniversary of the first Hollywood studio, what are your thoughts on its legacy?

That’s an awful lot of money.



Thanks for your time Temijin!