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GLOBAL – As the possessor of massive hands with fingers like bananas, SMS messaging has never had quite the appeal for me that it does for most people. I can touch-type on my laptop, so slowing down to tap out ‘OK CU L8R’ always seems like a massive waste of time, given that even that takes about four goes. I’m in the minority, though – texting is still a massive business and still growing swiftly, too, as one of the stats below reveals…

  • There’s never any shortage of news from the guys working on Qt. This week has seen the release of Qt Quick 3D which, as you’d expect, makes creating 3D effects, games and objects easier to do using the Qt SDK.
  • And in case you’d come to the conclusion that Qt Quick was all about making simple stuff, check out this showcase of a home control system developed using the language, along with the source code.
  • MeeGo 1.2 got released yesterday and next week is the San Francisco MeeGo conference. I am confidently expecting some very cool videos to come out over the next week.
  • The New York Times blog warns that “The Sensors are Coming!” Your phone can detect your location, direction, velocity, altitude, hear sounds, the time, and pick up various kinds of radio waves. At the moment, we tend to use all those things separately. But what happens when they start to integrate?
  • Regular text messaging is still growing strongly. The Globe and Mail in Canada reports that Canadians texted a whopping 60 per cent more in 2010 compared to 2009.
  • And finally, on the subject of teaser videos, some readers may never have seen a device like this before, which will make me feel very old indeed…