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May 20, 2011

Mobile Art: 5 creative uses

Mobile technology is evolving everywhere. Whether it’s in schools aiding education, through paying for shopping using your mobile or just passing time on a long journey, mobile development is a constant. One area that mobile is evolving in, that you may not hear about so often, is the art world. We’re not just talking about finding directions to your local museums, we’re talking about mobile technology being used to CREATE art.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite art pieces that take advantage of the use of mobile tech:

1. Digital Paint

It’s a more customary form of art but with a digital twist. A 6 metre long, two and a half metre high, interactive paint wall that replaced pixels with paintbrushes. Check out the video below.

2. Art Using Phones

Most would say that this is more traditional art. Rob Pettit’s design below encapsulates mobile in art form. Using over 5,000 phones he designed this inspiring pattern below. Rob’s obviously got a great deal of patience 😉

3. Hamster Wheel

It’s not the technology, it’s what you do with it. There are some super cool features on phones these days and the Nokia N8’s ability to act as a charger demonstrated how mobile could be used as another art form. This time it’s charging a hamster wheel.

4. N8 Producers – Foot Juggling

Art isn’t just painting and canvas. N8 Producers proved that when they asked people to create their own incredible footage using the Nokia N8 mobile phone. Here’s one of the great pieces of art that came out from it. Greak footwork YoneyaYu!

5. App art

With more camera phones on the market it is only natural that there would be more apps supporting and enhancing the camera phones. Molome is great example of this and as you can see below, can be used to create weird and wonderful effects. The one below is taken from Mobile Art using the Nokia N8.