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GLOBAL – Today we announced the Nokia X1-01 and the news that the Nokia C2-00 was now shipping. What distinguishes both devices is that they’re Dual SIM, Dual-Standby models – you can run two completely different mobile phone accounts on one device at the same time. But why would anyone want to do that? It turns out there’s all kinds of reasons.

Mix and match plans

People can use different plans on the same device to save money. Sometimes one operator might offer cheaper international calls, for example, while another is better for use at home. Now people can fit two SIMs into the same phone to get the best value for every call.

Reduced roaming

If you frequently travel between countries, then paying roaming charges while you’re abroad can be very expensive. With a Dual SIM phone, you can set up one account for your home country and a completely different one for another country.

X1 side

Mix business with pleasure

Many people want separate work and home numbers. Some people are issued a phone by work and need another device for personal calls. But having to carry two different mobile phones is a pain. Dual SIM gives you the convenience of two numbers without the extra weight.

Sharing your phone

In some countries, it’s common for phones to be shared among family members. With Dual SIM devices, users can have different plans to suit their priorities and budget, and different address books too, in many cases.

Data and Voice

Operators offer many different plans. Some of these offer inexpensive data downloads; others are intended for people who mostly just want voice and SMS. Using two different SIM cards: one for data, the other for voice calls can help people get more for their money.

Guaranteed coverage

In some countries, mobile networks only cover some regions – and in some areas, there might only be one network available. While your main SIM card might work with the network you use at home, you might have a backup for when you’re travelling.

Any more uses that struck you as a good idea?