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BEIJING, China – Stephen Elop, President and CEO of Nokia, took the position just six months ago, but has visited China several times. This time around, he came to China again and took time out to speak to our Nokia Conversations Chinese blog. In the video below, he speaks with Anna Shipley, Communications Director of Nokia Greater China, Japan and Korea, to respond to some issues of common concern.

As the CEO, he’s definitely the best-placed person to answer Conversations readers’ questions about the future of Symbian.

Stephen confirmed that software updates, support and other services for Symbian phones will continue “at least up to“ 2016.

In addition, Stephen also stressed that Nokia has to keep the mindset of a challenger. On Twitter, Stephen has used the story of the Wright brothers to describe the strategic alliance between Nokia and Microsoft: two bicycle makers from Dayton, Ohio, one day decided to fly. He’s also used the story of Frank Whittle, the inventor of the jet engine to encourage Nokia staff to be innovative and renew their ideas. These two stories tell the same story: face your obstacles with a challenger mindset and gain the advantage through innovation.

“We have to go faster and harder and more aggressively now than we’ve ever gone before because of the competition,” said Stephen.

As a result, Nokia needs human resources who share the same spirit as the company. People who are fearless, and in high hopes of significant achievement in a fast-growing and exciting industry against the backdrop of an unbelievably changing era.

Nokia, especially Nokia China – with an extended portfolio, needs such talents. This April, Nokia announced that Beijing will be a global innovation base for Nokia. Beijing is not only one of the four major R&D bases for Windows Phone, it is also the global R&D center for S30 and S40. Talent recruitment will be a major task for Nokia China.

Finally, a snippet of gossip. Want to know which mobile phone he uses? The answer is disclosed at the end of the video clip.