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May 31, 2011

Introducing Appstravaganza!

GLOBAL – Today we’re launching a new editorial series on Conversations that’s all about making mobile apps. Great apps are a crucial part of the modern smartphone experience. It’s also become one of the most attractive ways for new programmers to enter the business, since there are often fewer overheads in terms of buying tools and equipment, and right down to marketing and selling your end product. In some ways, the rise of the online apps marketplaces might be said to have democratised software development. But what does our Appstravaganza programme involve? Read on to find out more.

There are three parts to the programme, that will stretch across the summer: voting for your apps, examining great apps and making them.

The first stage starts today, with the voting widget you see on the right of the homepage. We want to know more about the apps you consider truly great, for one reason or another. We don’t just want the classic, international choices that dominate other polls, though, and that’s why we’re breaking it down by region. Then we’ll track down their developers and find out more about what makes the apps tick and what makes them special.

In the second stage, we’ll be talking to a host of experts about what makes great apps. We’ll be talking to bloggers, to developers and to Nokia’s own software experts. We’ll also be asking you, of course.

The third stage is when we build a brand new app for Nokia Conversations using Qt. We want it to do a lot more, look great and feel better than the standard RSS-feed apps you get for websites. But since we’re writers, not programmers, we’ve teamed up with the excellent people at Digia to deliver the goods. They’ll be talking us through the whole app-creation process from dealing with clients to the best methods for testing. There’ll be more about those guys in a separate post later.

For anyone interested in finding some great apps, and especially for anyone interested in getting involved in the business, we think this is going to be really interesting.

In the meantime, vote, vote, vote. Let’s get started as soon as possible!

image credit: tk-link