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GLOBAL – On Tuesday we went through the results of a Nokia-sponsored study from Cint, which brought us news about people’s photo-taking and photo-sharing habits. The researchers also asked the same set of people how they feel about the colours of smartphones. Read on to find out what people thought.

Nokia goes to great efforts to ensure that each and every phone has a unique look. It could be the shape of a device, the position of the keypad, but mostly it’s the colour that is instantly noticeable. Sure, Nokia could make black device after black device, but that’s quite boring.

Although changing a colour of a smartphone is maybe an obvious start when going for a different look, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. In Sweden, 43 per cent of the people who participated in the study said that the colour of a phone isn’t important. The USA and Switzerland largely agreed, with 39 per cent and 38 per cent respectively.

However, 75 per cent of the people who took part in China have a positive attitude when it comes to fun or unusually-coloured phones. Singapore has the same feelings, too, with 63 per cent, with Italy agreeing by 51 per cent. It’s surprising to see that there’s no real pattern, regionally, with these results. It’s not like Europe prefers standard colours while Asia likes to jazz it up a little: it seems quite mixed.

Having a positive attitude to colourful phones is one thing, but do people think they are fun? India seems thinks so, with 34 per cent. While 31 per cent of Philippines has similar feelings too.

So we know who does like colourful devices, but who doesn’t? The results show that 32 per cent of people in Switzerland don’t want their phone to stand out. And the same goes for the people in Singapore too, 24 per cent would like a discrete looking smartphone.

Personally, I quite like a discrete phone. I mean, black never really goes out of fashion, does it? But having said that, I’m still tempted from time-to-time to go for something a bit more bold. What do you think? Do you prefer colourful phones, or not? Let us know, below.