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June 6, 2011

Nokia Shorts: Finalist 7 (of 8): Thunk in Public

Ryan Maples is a fun loving 30-year old who lists his passions as music and movies. His Short, ‘Thunk in Public’ is in the process of being made so let’s try and get an idea of what we can expect from Ryan’s effort.


What are your interests?

My passions are movies and music.



What inspired your short-story pitch?


I originally had another pitch in mind, a music based short comedy, and was trying to formulate the pitch for it. As I kept on trying to keep the pitch to two minutes, I wished I had a better way of getting the information to the viewers and thought my own thought bubbles would be great way to do it. I then thought what would happen if people could actually read your thoughts unfiltered in your everyday life – it would be pretty awkward and funny.



Who inspires you?


My family, my friends, different people – I am inspired by news articles of people doing amazing things every day.




Why are you passionate about films?


I love when a film can be entertaining and enlightening. If you have given someone an escape from their everyday for a little bit of time and also leave them thinking about things slightly differently than before, than you’ve done a good job.




What is your favourite short film?


God of Love – I saw it a film festival where one of my films was playing and was blown away at how much story and character the director was able to place in a short story.
What is your favourite film of all time? Why did it leave such an impression on you?


This is a tough one – like many children of the 80’s it may be Star Wars – nothing created an interest in storytelling at such a young age as that.



Who is your favourite director?


Woody Allen



What was the first film you¹d ever seen?


Earliest memory is of the first Star Wars trilogy.


Have you ever met a film star?


I’ve seen a bunch driving around Los Angeles. I’ve probably honked and waved and frightened them away.



It¹s the 100th anniversary of the first Hollywood studio, what are your thoughts on its legacy?


Even though the internet is changing everything so much, I do think people will continue to watch movies. The collective experience of watching a film is very unique and a reason why it has lasted so long. To be a part of that, in any way, is a great pleasure.


Thunks..I mean thanks for your time Ryan, we look forward to seeing the finished article short-ly ;