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GLOBAL – There are a few must have applications on any mobile platform nowadays. Of course we have messaging apps, email, camera and photosharing apps, but there’s another client that is almost as important as all of these: a good Facebook application. Borg is a brand new application that embraces the best features of Facebook and brings them to Symbian devices.

This promising new application is built entirely in Qt, meaning the application is very snappy and looks good as well. Borg unlocks some great Facebook features including your full news feed, the ability to view and post on walls, upload videos and photos, view friends, groups, events, messages, pages and posts. One feature that stands out to me is that I can check into Facebook Places and see locations via Ovi Maps, all within Borg.


When you launch the application, you’re presented with the list of available options for interacting with Facebook.  Walking through a few of these options is first and foremost the News Feed. This is where you’ll see the latest posts from your friends. Borg gives you the ability to leave a comment or like the post, just like you’re used to on the desktop web version of Facebook.

Heading back to the main menu (by clicking the Borg header), you can also view your own Profile, Friends.  The next feature to touch on is Places. Upon hitting this, GPS will sense where you are and load up the local business and places that you can check into via Borg, with Ovi Maps thumbnails on the left hand side. To narrow the list, you can search for a place. Upon checking in, you can set a status message and even tag friends that are with you.

Heading back out the main menu, click Check-Ins to see the most recent check-ins from your Facebook friends to catch up on where your peeps are currently or in the recent past.

A few obvious clicks into items such as Groups, Messages and Albums will load up your accounts messages and photos. Groups allows you to see the most recent messages from the groups you are a part of including events, photos, video and so on.

A Few Minor Issues

As with any app, I have a few complaints with Borg. One user interface touch I’m not a fan of is that in the News Feed, comments are shown broken out for every item which can lead to a lot of scrolling to see all the events in your timeline. Also, the icons for the discussion, photos, links, and videos takes up a lot of room because the icons are very large. However, it must be noted that Borg is very early in development and these user interface issues will likely be cleaned up as more people use the app.


Overall, Borg is a great application for interacting with Facebook in a way that is pleasing to work with and very functional too. With Facebook place check-ins, notifications, full contacts support, this Qt Facebook client is a winner for your Nokia phone.

Borg is available in the Ovi Store. Be sure to have Qt installed before downloading Borg. Looking at their Facebook page, Borg is available for Symbian^3 phones and there is a client for S^1 devices as well.