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The Nokia C6-01 may be small in size – tiny in fact – but the same can’t be said about its features. First, there’s the new Symbian at its core, bringing it up-to-date with the likes of the Nokia N8 and the Nokia C7. Then there’s the ClearBlack display technology, which makes its first appearance in the wild since Nokia World 2010.

We’ve explained ClearBlack technology before, it makes your screen brighter, clearer and the resolution sharper. Then there’s the eight megapixel Full Focus camera with dual-LED flash for taking some high-res photos when you’re on the move.

Let’s not forget the camera’s ability to record in 720p, for those high-def mini movies you’re planning for the summer. Or anytime, of course.

WiFi and 3G are supported, which makes internet use a real breeze and using the built-in Social app, you’ll always be connected to your friends from Facebook and Twitter, right from the homescreen.

Did we mention that the C6-01 is made using bioplastics? Well, it is. The biomaterials are made from vegetable oils, rather than crude oil, making it more environmentally friendly.

What they say

“The thing that makes C6-01 special is its elegant and unique look plus it’s compact form factor. We guess the lower price will be a factor too.”

If you do only one thing

Get stuck into Ovi Store and load up your new Nokia C6-01 with games or apps. Games will look great on the new ClearBlack display, plus you’ll still be able to play them when your on-the-move in the great outdoors.


Want to know what bioplastic is? It’s derived from renewable sources, such as corn starch or vegetable oil.

The Nokia C6-01, E7 and N8 use bioplastics for up to 49 per cent of their structural plastic parts.

Using bioplastics means crude oil isn’t used instead, like most other plastics, making it an ideal choice for helping the environment.