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Gone are the days when you had to decide whether to buy a touch screen phone, or a phone with a keypad. The Nokia X3 Touch and Type is the first Nokia phone to offer both functions, meaning your one-texting thumb can still see many years of service.

At only 9.6mm thick, the super-slim X3 Touch and Type sits comfortably in your hand, leaving you to browse the phone’s features by pressing the icons on screen, or clicking through the menus. Whatever way you find easier. The good thing is, you’re not limited to just one choice.

WiFi lets you browse the Internet when you want to disconnect from your network, also meaning you can download files quicker or watch videos from Youtube without getting all the annoying lags.

Want to capture a special moment? Use the 5-megapixel camera to take stunning photos or hilarious videos, and post them online for all to see, straight from the device.

As this is sits in the Xseries range, you’ll find this device works as an amazing music player. Optimised for music with its stereo speakers and one-touch dedicated music key, giving you up to 25 hours of music playback. With a choice of 5 colours, you’ll also be able to stand out in the crowd.

What they say

“The Nokia X3 Touch and Type is armed with both a touchscreen and button interface, as well as a drop-dead-gorgeous design.”
Damien McFerran, CNET UK

If you do only one thing

Familiarise yourself with the Touch and Type interface. Use the on screen icons and scroll through the menu. Type your text messages using the keypad, then send using the icon on the screen again. It’s simple.


The Nokia X3 Touch and Type is 0.4mm thinner than a CD case. That’s pretty thin.