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June 8, 2011

Prepare for the Push N8 final films!

Nokia Push has always been about showcasing the creativity of people by giving them the opportunity to demonstrate the power of Nokia devices and the Push N8 project is a great example of that. We challenged people to show us the most creative ways of demonstrating the Push KAPing  and Push Skating hacks through film and the eight teams are now ready to unleash their final films. Every week we’ll be featuring one of the films on the Push N8 blog and right here on Nseries!



Showing the London skyline as you’ve never seen before – coming to life with animation, filmed using the Nokia N8. The team really embraced the Push spirit, and when wind conditions weren’t right for kite flying, they hacked the Push KAPing rig and attached it to balloons to get their footage!



Ever wondered if you could use a Nokia N8 to score skateboarders tricks in two different countries in an international skate competition? Using the Push Skating rig, that’s exactly what the Long Distance SKATE team have done!



Based in New York, the Paint SKATE team is using the Push Skating technology to create a visually fresh and vibrant film by creating a huge mess on top of some buttery skate footage. Think Tony Hawk videogames, except this is real-life – using Nokia technology!

Originally intended to capture the migration of whales from Hawaii, the team are now producing three videos. You can expect an aerial tour of Hawaii, followed by footage of dolphins and whales migrating later in the year – and all filmed in HD using the Nokia N8



SKATE Graffiti uses the Push Skating technology to tag tricks with effects to show who’s the best skater. The team is still locked away in the edit suite adding colour effects to the 1000s of individual frames they’ve shot of skaters.




A world first! Using the Nokia N8 and Push Skating technology to score a skateboarding competition at South Africa’s famous SKATELAB skate park. We can’t wait to see how they scored the tricks and who the overall winner was in their final film.



Rock-climbing Castleton Tower, Utah and BASE-jumping off the top –filmed from above using the Push KAPing rig and N8. Despite the team not finding the right conditions to complete their intended jump on the day, we’re confident that the footage of them jumping off the Moab is going to be just as incredible.

Filming the Bisti Wilderness landscape in New Mexico looking for signs of ancient life. Ancient Sands have really been taking advantage of the N8’s camera – see if they managed to unearth any ancient mysteries in July.  ­­­­

We’ll be featuring all eight of the Push N8 videos here on the NSeries blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

Which of the eight films are you most looking forward to? Leave us a comment below or tweet us @NSeries or the @NokiaPush team using #PushN8.


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