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June 9, 2011

World’s Best Nokia Concept Phones 3

Like a Hollywood film franchise pushing an old classic, we’re back (with a vengeance) sharing with you our third instalment of super awesome Nokia Concept Phones. (You can read our earlier concept posts here and here if you missed them).

Unlike those film sequels though, the concept phones just keep getting better – just take a look at the below to see what Back to the Future may cast as a phone if it were re-made now.

Nokia Radia

Who said all phones had to be oblong? Designer Michael Laut certainly doesn’t. His Radia concept phone is about as far from conventional as you can get. Round and transparent it resembles something of a futuristic compass. We’d definitely like to take direction from this concept! 😉



Nokia 4G

Flexibility is the key word for the 4G. Supposedly based on the Nokia Morph (which we featured in a previous post), the 4G can go from a flat structure to a wrap-around bracelet.

Incorporating a stylus and earpiece, the 4G looks great, unfortunately for us we’ll have to be content with looking at the pictures!



Nokia S-Shaped Concept Phone

Ergonomics and comfort make a big difference when it comes to mobile phones. The S-Shaped concept below gives a lighter and more ‘balanced’ feel than your orthodox flat phone. Designer of the phone, Hekki Juvonen certainly catches the eye with his concept!


Nokia Transparent Touchscreen Concept

Designer Juan Carlos Garzon went transparent with his funky looking Nokia concept. Simply featuring an on/off button on the front, everything else is on the transparent touchscreen, even a 5mp camera!


Nokia Strap-up Concept Phone

We’re cheating a bit with this ‘phone’. It is very cool though which is why it makes the list. This wearable device would actually interpret and translates your body language into predefined text, transmitting it to others automatically! Basically you can programme personal movements or gestures to trigger the messages you want to send.