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GLOBAL – It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. Friday. I’ve seen all your tweets from everybody thanking the Lord – or something else entirely – for this day. It couldn’t have come soon enough, right? Friday is a day we take a look through all the millions of stories out there on the World Wide Web and bring some of that news, into one little post – right here. Take a look at what we’ve found for this week’s Pick and Mix.

  • The guys from AllAboutSymbian have pointed out that the Ovi Store update of 2.08 has started to roll out in some parts of Europe – including to us, here in the UK. Take a look at their post for some more details
  • This week, Flora Graham from Cnet has compiled a guide of what features she expects the first Nokia phone with Windows Phone to be packed with. Read through the list for some speculative theory.
  • Our story about IM for Nokia has had lots of you commenting this week, which we love to see. There’s also been some talk about it on the Net. KA from Tech Prolonged takes his readers through an extensive guide of how the app works, with lots of screenshots.
  • At the Open Mobile Summit this week, Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop took to the stage to talk about creating a truly global mobile ecosystem and the future of devices. While doing so, Stephen also states that Nokia sale rumours are baseless, as Andrew Parker from the Financial Times points out.
  • Anybody using the Google search engine this week would’ve noticed that a couple of days ago the Google logo changed to a guitar, that allowed you to strum some chords and make up your own tuneful masterpiece. This video shows guitarristanerd playing a very familiar tune.

Have you found any stories you’d like to share with us this week? Do let us know.