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LONDON, UK – I’ve used a smartphone for many years now, the first one being the Nokia 7650 back in 2002. I loved the large screen and the 0.3-megapixel camera which, at the time, was great. Since then, my main phone of choice has always been smart. As an experiment, I’ve decided to ditch my Nokia N8 and embrace a Series 40 phone. In a series of posts – starting today – I’ll share with you my experiences.

Deciding to move back to a non-smartphone is a worrying thought, for me. The reason I want “smart” is because I’m a bit of a geek, and therefore love playing with the latest and greatest a phone has to offer. But do I need it or is it just a nice little treat – or even a distraction? I’m about to find out.

Day one
So, it’s Friday morning and my Nokia N8 has woken me for what is to be the last time in seven days. I’ve removed my SIM card and placed the phone in the bottom of my drawer in the hope that if I can’t see it, I won’t be tempted to use it. From my other – phone filled – drawer I pull out a Nokia C3 Touch and Type. This will be my phone for the working week.

The back cover slides off, the battery pulls out and my SIM card goes into its SIM card shaped home. After replacing the battery and back cover, I power on the phone and I’m greeted by a familiar sound, “da da da da daaa”. After typing in the time and the date, I’m ready to go.

First on my list of tasks for the Nokia C3 Touch and Type is to set up my email accounts, as I like to be able to receive and send emails when I’m away from my laptop. I found the email settings in under the Go to option on the homescreen – it’s also accessible through the menu and messaging menu. In less then two minutes, I’d set up my personal email account and also my work email account. One thing I’ve already noticed is that the Nokia C3 Touch and Type isn’t able to retrieve my emails for me in the background, whereas my Nokia N8 can, meaning I’ll have to load up the email account to check my emails. Will this be a major problem? At the moment it doesn’t seem like a major bug-bear, but I will have to remember to keep checking. We’ll see if this changes as the week goes on.

I’ve had a quiet morning – phone-wise – as I’ve been sitting at my computer getting on with my work. I’ve made no phone calls, but did receive one from my colleague – Ian. The phone rang, I answered. The C3 Touch and Type feels nice. It’s small, light and sleek looking. Now, seeing as I’ve finished my sandwich, it’s back to work.

This evening, I’ve been exploring the SMS option in this Series 40 phone as I need to reply to some texts I received during the day. It works a little differently than what I’m used to. I type out my message before I insert the recipient’s name or number and I keep accidentally pressing the # key when I try to delete a word. They keypad layout is slightly different on my Nokia N8, but I’m getting used to it. I remember having this problem many times when moving from one model to another.

I’m thinking ahead to bedtime now, so I plan my morning wake up call on my phone. I hit the clock symbol on the screen which takes me directly to the alarm function. I use the giant clock that’s now appeared to set my alarm, set it to active and the phone tells me how long I’ve got left until it will wake me. Just like my N8. So far, my Series 40 phone experiment has been good. Will test it some more tomorrow.