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June 13, 2011

#NokiaUnfenced – in photos

You probably noticed on Twitter this weekend that a few hardy souls were braving the 100+ degree temperatures in the Nevada desert, all in the interests of #NokiaUnfenced (that Las Vegas was a mere lasoo toss away had no bearing on the matter, we’re sure)

Some of the early images emerging from their time there reveal a little of what the weekend entailed…

There were N8s in attendance:

There were horses (this one partnered by Jeb Brilliant)

And it looked like there were some casualties

All will no doubt be revealed once the newly-be-hatted cowboys make their dusty way home and gather their thoughts before committing them to virtual paper. In the meantime, @thecowboy1887 is still out in the desert with his trusty Astound….

Thanks to those whose image I have used above