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June 14, 2011

Why photography is super fashionable

While we might not all be accomplished photographers, chances are we’ve all had a go at taking a snap or two on our camera phones.

We see something interesting, we take a picture. It’s pretty simple. But what are the chances of one of us becoming the next David Bailey, Annie Leibowitz or Mario Testino?

They might be higher than you think…

Style in the street

Credit to Jason Hargrove

Mobile photography is allowing us to capture what we see in the world around us in an instant. For the fashion-conscious among us, that provides the perfect opportunity to snap the styles of those that pass us in the street.

The pavement is the new catwalk. And we are the exciting photographers primed to snap and share with the world.

One great thing about mobile photography is that we can get the help of apps such as Twitpic Fotogram to help us create something a little bit more stylish than a standard picture. With a range of filters and vintage special effects, our photos can turn from vulgar to vogue in a flash.

Playing with images is even better when you’re using a phone with a high-end camera – such as Nokia N8 – where the 12MP camera and Carl Zeiss lens can help you capture every detail in any moment. With a range of built in editing features, your pictures will be perfect in no time.

Why people love a good photo

We can’t deny it – we love to have a nose through people’s pictures as much as the next person. We can learn more about a person’s style and personality from a photo than we often can from a long piece of writing. It’s why picture-led fashion blogs are increasing in number and popularity across the world.

Some of our favourites include Flickrista, Lucia Pang Photography, and From Me To You.

And it’s something we can all have a go at doing.

But are you Nokia and Elle’s next Style Correspondent?

You might have seen that we recently launched a contest to find the next Style Correspondent in collaboration with Elle magazine.

Well, the first part of that contest is to upload a photo of your style on the Nokia Facebook page.

So why not try out a new app or filter on your pictures. Show your style in new and exciting ways. After all, being at the top of the fashion game comes from an ability to see the potential in trying something new.
Take some inspiration from those leading the fashion photography revolution and make your mark.

It might lead you to new and exciting places…