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LONDON, UK – After two days of using a phone running on Series 40, I’m enjoying the experience, so far. It’s got me by in my normal daily activities and I’ve not really needed the things I use on my trusty Nokia N8. Here’s day three of my daily updates on how I’m getting on so far, with Series 40.

Seeing as last Wednesday was World IPv6 Day, I thought I’d test out the new Ovi Browser Beta over at Nokia Beta Labs as it uses IPv6 technology. I point my phone in the direction of, the download begins and it installed in a matter of seconds. On with the testing.

The browser looks really nice, if simple. There’s a button at the bottom of the screen with three dots in it, that looks almost identical to the switching homescreen button on my Nokia N8. Pressing it flicks between Featured, Favourites and History which makes for very simple browsing. I click YouTube from the suggested links and it loads fast. I click on a random video from the front page, press watch video and it starts to play immediately. Admittedly, the quality of the video isn’t what I’m used to having used a Nokia N8 for months, but it’s watch-able with no lags.

OK, I’m done with the browser now. I’ve got some work to do and a phone call to make.

It should be clear to you all by now that I like to try most new services when they become available, even if just briefly. Foursquare is one of these services that I use from time to time so I’ve decided to load it up on this Nokia C3 Touch and Type. I’m now going for a short walk to check-in, somewhere.

I reach the River Thames shortly after 3.00pm and stare across the river to Big Ben. I take my phone from my pocket and load up Foursquare. Standing in-front of Lambeth Palace, I check myself in. One thing I notice is that I’m able to take a photo of the landmark from inside the Foursquare app, which isn’t something I’m able to do on the N8 version. I’d like that feature.

Here’s Foursquare working for S40.

It’s been a quiet afternoon for my phone – besides the Foursquare action. I’ve just looked at it and noticed it’s still got full bars on the battery indicator, which is good. I fully charged it last night – as is the usual habit – but I think I’ll stop that routine for this week to see how long it lasts.

Time for bed once again and my new friend takes its place on my bedside table.