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LONDON, UK – Today is my penultimate day of using nothing but a Series 40 phone. Phone-wise that is. I’ve gone from my Nokia N8 to the Nokia C3-01 in order to determine whether these non-smartphones are really as dumb as some people think. I’ll give you my conclusions in tomorrow’s post, but for now here’s my diary for day four with S40, and experimenting with the camera.

The melodic notes ring from my phone, waking me from my slumber. I decide that I prefer the default alarm tone on this Nokia C3-01 than the default one that’s on my Nokia N8. I’ll check to see if I can use this tone when I go back to my smartphone.

I stare at my new phone for a while, wondering what else I can do with it. One thing I miss a lot from my Nokia N8 is the 12-megapixel camera. I love having it with me where ever I go, knowing I’m able to pull it out if I need to and get a stunning result. However, yesterday while I was out testing the Foursquare app, I took a few photos. I’ve not looked at them yet, so let’s see how they turned out, together.

[NB: You can click again on the picture attachment page to see the full-size image.]

Actually, the 5-megapixel camera does a good job at capturing the subjects in front of the lens. It’s more than capable of finding all the details and colours of whatever I happen to point it at. I’m impressed. What do you think?

I’ve had some appointments this morning and a phone call. At the very end of this phone call I accidentally cut off the person on the other end. The screen was black and thought the keypad was locked, so I hit a button to wake up the screen. It turns out I hit the red key and embarrassingly ended the call. It’s not the phone’s fault: it was mine. It seems unfamiliar phones confuse me a little?

Anyway, back to photos. Once I’ve taken a photo, I usually like to upload it somewhere. Molome happens to be my favourite app of choice at the moment, however this isn’t available for Series 40 phones. Looking at the Upload to web option on any image, I can see it’s possible to upload to Facebook using the Communities application, so that’s what I’ve done. Off it goes for my friends and family to see.

I’ve got a meeting next week and must make a calendar entry in my phone, otherwise I’ll definitely forget it. I take a guess and press the date field on the screen of my phone, which takes me to my calendar. Good guess work? It just seemed to be the logical place to click. I find the correct day and create my meeting entry along with the reminder alarm before the event is to take place. Just like I would on my Nokia N8. No forgetting now.

It’s that time of the day where it’s time to think about finishing up and I take another look at my phone. The battery life is down to two bars now, as I didn’t charge it last night. It’s lasted longer than my Nokia N8 would’ve, but then it’s not as powerful, so I expected that.

It’s been a long day, with a couple of appointments in the evening. I finally get in and I’m ready to get some sleep. Good night world.