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Singapore is all set for Nokia Connection

SINGAPORE – The 11th Nokia Connection event is set to launch in Singapore tomorrow. Bigger than ever before, Nokia Connection is our exclusive mobile industry showcase for the South-East Asia Pacific market, and the perfect way to share Nokia’s latest mobile technologies, innovation and products with our customers, partners, developers, operators and media across the region.

The Conversations team will be present at Nokia Connection and reporting from the site, so stay tuned! The news should be interesting especially to the large number of our Asian readers. In fact, India is our number one country in terms of visitor numbers, Philippines #5, Pakistan #6, Malaysia #7 and Australia #9. You can also follow the event, including the webcast of the keynote, at The Twitter hashtag for Nokia Connection is #nokiacnxn.

This year’s Nokia Connection will coincide with CommunicAsia, Asia’s largest knowledge based information and communication technology exhibition where the Nokia showcase will take place at the company booth.

Nokia will be demonstrating on how it’s executing upon the company strategy and how it relates to the diverse SEAP (South-East Asia Pacific) region, with developed markets like Australia and Singapore, those with massive growth opportunities such as Indonesia and Bangladesh, and dynamic markets like Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. The region has more than 870 million inhabitants, 50% of whom are under the age of 30, and are engaged with technology and eager to connect to the internet.

Some consumers in the region are connecting to the internet for the very first time with a Nokia device, while others are among the most active in the world on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.

Here’s Neil Gordon, Nokia VP of Sales SEAP, explaining a bit more about the event…

The Nokia brand is loved and admired in Asia. Nokia has been voted the top brand in Bangladesh across all categories for the the 3rd year in a row, the leading digital brand in Thailand, and Reader’s Digest most trusted mobile phone brand in New Zealand, just to mention a few.

Are any of our readers going to Nokia Connection or CommunicAsia this year?