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GLOBAL – As you may have noticed last week, things have been changing over at Forum Nokia. For one thing, it’s not called ‘Forum Nokia’ any more. The new name is Nokia Developer and its new address is Why is that? Read on to find out more.

Forum Nokia has been going for 20 years and as time went by a whole bunch of subsites and add-on sites had cropped up, and the time had come to bring them all together again. It also turns out that it wasn’t especially obvious that “Forum” was our site for developers, so the new name should make things a lot clearer for newcomers.

The site has also had a lick of paint, adopting the new Nokia Pure font and the deep blue colouring you’ll have seen elsewhere. It’s now also quicker to get deep into the information you need to get working.

Under the surface, though, everything’s still there. All the services, information, support and content that developers rely on hasn’t gone anywhere, and works the same way you’re used to.

So new name; new look; same great service.

For developers in the crowd, we encourage you to pop on over and have a look around.