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GLOBAL – The Nokia N9 rocks our socks. It looks stunning on the outside – and the inside is just as spectacular, too. We’ve noticed in the box that the Nokia N9 comes with a different charger, though. One with a completely new design. We’ve got some details on the Nokia AC-16, plus some other excellent new accessories, too. Read on to find out more.

In order to charge the Nokia N9, most of the current micro-USB chargers will do the job. But the Nokia N9 deserves something different. The Nokia Fast USB Charger AC-16 is certainly different. Right away you can see it’s been designed to be beautiful, with its white colour, seamless and rounded design – much more so then the black plugs we currently use. It’s not the only part of the design that’s changed: you’ll notice from the image that there’s no fixed charger cable. That’s because there’s a slot for a (detachable) USB charging cable to be inserted, leaving the other end of that cable to be inserted into your phone. The Nokia AC-16 will ship with the Nokia N9 and can also be purchased separately if one wants to have a second charger at home or for the office.

Now, we’ve got some details on a few other accessories – now called gear – from Nokia. The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-111 is a great little stereo headset that brings music and clear calls to people’s ears. Once charged, users can expect to be able to listen to music for up to six hours, seven hours for talk time and a standby time of 120 hours. Available in five different colours and priced at around €39, we can expect to see these shipping during the summer when they’re released globally.


From private music listeners to bringing music to the masses, the Nokia Play 360° is about sharing music with friends or even just enjoying your music without the use of headphones. As the name suggests, rather than the sound being one-directional like most speakers, this offers omnidirectional sound, filling your surroundings in every direction, evenly and completely. You can easily create stereo sound by connecting another speaker – wirelessly – to get an even better music experience. You can connect to the Nokia Play 360° in a number of ways, using NFC for easy Bluetooth pairing or a standard 3.5 mm audio connector. We expect to see this shipping in the third quarter and costing around €149.

The third and final piece of Nokia gear, is the Nokia Wireless Music Receiver MD-310. Much like the Nokia Play 360°, the Nokia Wireless Music Receiver MD-310, wirelessly pumps music from your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth device through your home stereo. Using something called apt-x, you will still receive the exact same audio quality you’d experience from a wired system, giving perfect CD quality. With support for Bluetooth class 1, you can remain connected to the MD-310 within 100 meters. Pairing is easy too. If you’ve got an NFC enabled phone (like a Nokia N9, say), just tap the phone to the NFC logo and you’re connected via Bluetooth. Otherwise, traditional pairing will work just fine.

The MD-310 will cost around €59 and shipping will start during the third quarter of this year.

For more details on these products or Nokia gear in general, take a look at Nokia’s Loud and Gear website.

What’s your favourite gear from above? Do let us know, below.