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GLOBAL – With the news of the announcement of the Nokia N9 this week, there’s plenty to be intrigued about. It is something quite different to the other phones in our portfolio, after all. We pointed out that the Nokia N9 will come with NFC, but how will that work exactly? Here’s how.

NFC – or Near Field Communication – is something we at Conversations are familiar with as we’ve written about it before. For those who aren’t up-to-scratch on this latest technology, here’s a brief low-down: NFC is a technology that enables the transfer of data over a short distance, typically between 4cm or less. So, we’re talking about touching your phone against another to send or receive files. Stuff like that.

The Nokia N9 comes with NFC, but it isn’t the first modern Nokia phone to do so. The Nokia C7 also has the hardware on-board for this feature to work.

At launch, the Nokia N9 will have the ability to pair with other NFC devices, such as the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505, or various NFC enabled photo frames.

If you meet somebody with another NFC equipped phone – and it doesn’t have to be manufactured by Nokia, either – sending your contact over to theirs is as easy as touching the two phones together. If you’ve both got a bit of extra time on your hands then the NFC-enabled Angry Birds Free with Magic will be a great way to pass the time, as that’ll work on the Nokia N9, too.

Sending photos from your Nokia N9 is performed in the same way as contact sharing, however only videos filmed from the Nokia N9 can be shared. Meaning any other videos you may have will have to be transferred using alternative methods.

There will be upgrades to the NFC features that will come via future software updates. These will add the ability to send documents of various types and URLs from your phone to another.

Look out for even more NFC devices from Nokia later this year! Here’s a quick demo from the folk at GSMArena:

Are you looking forward to some NFC action? Don’t forget to use the comments box below, to let us know.