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June 24, 2011
Lumia Voices

Friday’s Pick and Mix #47 – more on Nokia N9

GLOBAL – It’s been a busy week this week, as we’ve seen two devices launched from Nokia. The Nokia C2-03 and the Nokia N9. We’ve spoken a great deal about the Nokia N9 already and a small amount of the Nokia C2-03, but it’s the Nokia N9 that you’re talking about the most on the blogosphere. If you’ve thought it, you’ve blogged it and in today’s Pick and Mix we bring you some Nokia N9 articles, by other people.

  • Vlad Savov from Engadget has an interesting article, with several images and a couple of videos of the Nokia N9 in action. He even claims “we’re in the presence of a fantastically designed device”. Who are we to disagree.
  • “The Finns have come up with the rather hot-looking N9 smartphone”, is what Charlie Sorrel from Wired writes. It seems Charlie is somewhat impressed by the non-busy outside of the phone, too.
  • Here’s an interesting piece by the team over at TechRadar. They look at the Nokia N9’s design, the OS and continue to talk about the smartphone market while also a looking at Nokia’s competitors.
  • We love videos, it’s a great way of digesting the news by just sitting back and enjoying. Here’s Rhi Morgan – who you may remember from Nokia Conversations last year – demoing the Nokia N9 for T3.
  • MichaelxHell managed to spend quite a bit of time with the Nokia N9 this week, taking lots of videos. Here’s just one of those videos showing how the keyboard and Swype work together.

What have we missed this week? Let us know, below.