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VANCOUVER, Canada – Now how could a headline like that fail to catch your attention? Here’s what’s happening. Occamy Games and Nokia present the $5,000 (USD) Moto X Mayhem Highscore Challenge for Nokia Symbian^3 smartphone users in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, USA, and Canada. Players can register for the contest and submit highscores from within the game and compete for a chance to win cash prizes in each of the five islands it features. To enter, players must download the new versions from Ovi Store that have the contest registration and contest Highscore entry  built-in.

If you haven’t come across it before, Moto X Mayhem is a motocross game available in free and paid versions on Ovi Store. It’s got some cool features like rag doll physics, accelerometer controls, and working bike shocks. Like all motocross games, it’s also pretty hard (is this some sort of unwritten law among game developers? That motocross games have to be really tough?)

Here it is on Occamy Games’ YouTube Channel so you can get an idea of what it’s like to play:

If you’re playing on the free version, then the total prize fund is $500. On the paid version, that’s pumped up to $5000.

But why is Nokia helping to fund this prize? Because we want to highlight some of the great work being done by small, independent game developers creating content for our platforms, as well as the big fish like EA and Gameloft.

The Highscore Challenge runs from today through to July 22nd. There’s a Facebook page set up that provides more information on the competition and the game itself.

Have you played the game yet? It’s currently got four stars from reviews in the Store. Let us know what you think of it.