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June 27, 2011

Summer’s here! Apps drivers will love

PORTLAND, OR, United States – Summer is now in full effect here in the U.S., which means millions of Americans will soon be hitting the road to see the sights and soak up some sunshine. Americans are known for loving road trips, and loading up your device with apps that help along the way will make the experience that much better.

What apps will road warriors love? Let’s dig in and explore some sweet options for making your trip a success.

Waze: Waze is an app that has been around a long time on the Symbian platform. This upstart connects you with other drivers in a very unique way. This GPS app gives you real-time road information including voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation. Also, you can see real-time traffic, accidents and police information as reported by other Waze users. Waze has one really cool tie-in with Facebook, showing you other Facebook friends on the road in real time. It’s possible also to check in to Foursquare with integrated check-in.

Poynt: Once you’ve arrived at your destination, then what? Likely, you’re going to want to know what’s going on in your local area. Whether you want to grab dinner, see a movie or just know what your options are, Poynt is the app for you. Poynt is a local search application that can show you what  businesses, movie listings, restaurants and even events are in your vicinity. Curious about a movie?  Check out the trailer. Want to make a reservation at that hot restaurant? Poynt can do that too.

Trapster: Trapster is another veteran Symbian app that serves a very unique purpose. Trapster, in a nutshell, shows you alerts as you approach known police speed traps and safety cameras. In some states, radar detectors are illegal, so Trapster is a viable alternative that can alert you when you may be in danger of getting a speeding ticket. Of course, you could always drive the speed limit and not worry about speed traps, and in that case, Trapster will just let you know the areas that you really need to relax your foot off that gas pedal.

Ovi Maps: Of course, no travel road trip taker is complete with Ovi Maps on their mobile phone. This application can make every aspect of a trip more fluid by providing second to none GPS navigation and awesome add-on apps such as Expedia, Lonely Planet and more. Also, Ovi Maps allows you to pre-load maps for regions you’ll be driving through which will come in handy when you go through areas with weak cellular signals.

What apps would you suggest for a road tripper? Which must-have utilities have I left off?  lets discuss below in the comments!