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GLOBAL – The week’s nearly over and it’s time to enjoy some down-time for the next couple of days. It’s been another busy week for us here at Conversations, but what have other people on the World Wide Web been up to? Our Friday Pick and Mix is all about discovering what you’re talking about, off our site. Here’s today’s Pick and Mix, number 48.

  • Apps are an everyday part of our life and it feels like they will be around for ever. However, apps aren’t the future. It’s HTML5 that’ll bring you all the online and offline content you’ll ever need. So says an article from I’m inclined to agree. But for now, apps are great.
  • A study in the US shows that a quarter of all American adults live in homes with a wireless-only voice connection, which means the use of landlines is on the decline. As for 20-somethings, more than half of them only own a mobile – sorry, I meant cell – phone. Impressive.
  • The CTIA has pointed out that for the first time, ever in SMS use history, the trend of text messaging is slowing down. Cnet follows the story and also has a poll where it asks you if you’re still using SMS.
  • We all know it as the Nokia ring tone. But the small snippet that’s actually used for the tone is from a bigger musical piece, called Gran Vals. Here’s a rather nice video that explores the universe while Gran Vals plays over the top.
  • We’re bringing you another video by MichaelxHell this week, as a lot of you are still interested in seeing some more of the Nokia N9, but in video form. Here’s how Facebook works on the Nokia N9.