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GLOBAL – Like playing games on your mobile? Interested in saving the world, in real life? Then Climate Mission 3D is for you. As you play this new game – available from Ovi Store, for free – you receive tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint while even having the opportunity to donate to a charity. Want to know how to get involved? Read on.

Stage one in your mission to save the world – should you choose to accept it – involves you doing one simple thing. Download Climate Mission 3D for free app from Ovi Store. Well done. You’re on your way to saving the planet.

When you load up the app, the first screen you see if the Earth with some icons around it and a introductory piece of text which reads: “Nokia’s €50,000 Climate Campaign – Earn voting ballots by completing game missions. Then vote for your favourite cause on the map. You have eight weeks left to vote.” What this means is, that Nokia will donate the amount of money to different projects on show from within the game, according to your votes. So play the game and get voting!

One of the first missions you can play is in Finland, which you select by finding it on the map on your screen. This game is about navigating an army of ants through the undergrowth to pick up some pine needles and bring them back to their nest. Completing the level will win you coins and ballot points. These can be used later on to purchase new levels and to vote for your favourite eco-project.

Navigate your way around the planet completing the missions as you go. Once you’ve accumulated some ballot points, find a WWF, IUCN, and Oxfam logo and click it. This will bring you a the details of a project going on in that part of the world and you’ll see a green vote button at the bottom. If you like that particular project, vote for it. This’ll give that particular project a chance to win the prize money.

There’s three game types to play in Climate Mission 3D: Ants; Trees; and Icebergs. Each category has 20 levels to complete, so that makes 60 levels in total. That’s a lot of gaming time.

Here’s the game in action:

Have you played Climate Mission 3D yet? Let us know your thoughts, in the comments below.