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July 8, 2011

The carnival that came to town…

As you know, the final of Nokia Shorts has passed and the winner – Split Screen Love Story – has been announced. Congratulations once again go out to the winner James Griffiths, who now plans to invest his winnings into the production of his long-time-in-the-making short animation concept.

A wealth of talent on display

But let’s not forget the range of talented finalists alongside James who set this contest alight with their creativity. Their ability to tell dynamic and exciting stories using just two Nokia N8 cameras, captivated audiences and judges from around the world.

As the anticipation and excitement grew backstage ahead of the winner being announced, we decided to create our very own Nokia N8 video – interviewing six of the finalists to find out why they think mobile can revolutionise filmmaking and how they used the technology to create their special films.

Take a look…

Celebrating the real star of the show

A highlight of the Nokia Shorts weekend was, without a doubt, the host city of Edinburgh.

With a unique blend of the old and the new at every turn, the city is steeped in a fantastic heritage of supporting creativity. And there was no better way to celebrate this than getting creative ourselves.

Inspired by the Nokia Shorts finalists, we set off with the Nokia N8 to tell Edinburgh’s charming story.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event. And thank you to Edinburgh for being a fantastic host.

We look forward to the next one.