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July 11, 2011

Nokia & Elle: Style Correspondent Competition – Meet Zephyr

Zephyr Basine is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and style expert whose successful fashion blog has revolutionized online fashion content for the younger generation.

Zephyr is the founder and Editor In Chief of, the first and only style-specific blog written by and for college students.

Currently residing in Boston, Zephyr is a fan of fearless style, shiny things, unnatural hair colours, vegetarians, self-deprecation, constant optimism, Sour Patch Kids, ultra-high heels, and all things Parisian.

She kindly took some time out of her hectic schedule to talk to Nseries. Here’s what she had to say!


1. Where do you look for inspiration for your outfits and blog posts?

My blog posts are inspired by what’s happening on college campuses across the country. At College Fashion, we have the most amazing team of student writers who cover trends across the globe as they happen.

On a personal note, my daily outfits are inspired by so many different things, from movies to TV shows to music, to places I’ve been – I just returned from a trip to Paris, so right now I’m really inspired by that effortless “Parisian Chic” aesthetic. But the runways always give me great inspiration as well. My favorite designers are Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein, and Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel.


2. Why did you want to become a fashion blogger and who or what helped you get to where you are today?

Fashion blogging kind of happened to me by accident – I didn’t originally set out to be a “fashion blogger” but I’m definitely proud to be one today. I’ve always had an interest in art, and as I got older, fashion became a natural extension of that interest. I’ve also always loved technology – even as a kid, I was always messing around on the computer, and I created my first website at age 11. So the idea of combining those two major interests is what most inspired me to start my blog.


3. As a judge for “Search for the Next Style Correspondent presented by Nokia and ELLE” what will you be looking for?

I’ll be looking for lots of things – a unique sense of style, strong writing ability, and a knack for photography will obviously be important, but I’ll really be searching for contestants that can do it all. Now that online media has democratized fashion media, it’s not enough to just understand fashion, or just be an amazing photographer or a great writer or artist – today, you need to do everything, and do it all well, to succeed.


4. What was your first Nokia phone?

My first Nokia phone was actually my best friend’s phone – she had a 8210 in 7th grade, and since my parents wouldn’t let me have my own cell phone back then, my friend and I pretty much shared her Nokia. We didn’t do a lot of actual calling, and we didn’t know how to text, but we’d spend all day trading off to see who could get the highest score in Snake!


5. If the N8 were a fashion accessory/style what would it be?

The N8 is definitely representative of a girly sense of style – it’s pink, shiny and ultra-feminine. It’s definitely a phone for a girl who loves all things pretty.


6. What makes the Nokia N8 camera special?

The social networking feature, allowing you to upload photos to Facebook instantly


7. What would be your dream fashion story or scoop to cover?

I think I would die for the chance to interview Karl Lagerfeld. (Who wouldn’t?) That would definitely be my ultimate fashion scoop!


A big thanks to Zephyr for her time in speaking to Nseries. All you Nokia & ELLE Style Correspondent entrants take note of her likes! 😉