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July 11, 2011

#NokiaUnfenced – the photos (Part 1)

Told you there were horses! Roland Tanglao’s Flickr stream gives a great impression of the weekend (check his sets for detailed activity by activity break down of pics)

Glenn Letham’s set
also shows the power of the 8MP X7 that he had in his hands (when he didn’t have the N8…or the C7…) including some great Wild West sepia shots.

Keep your eyes on these Flickr streams, and the WOMWorld/Nokia Flickr set (which is set to grow and grow over the coming days)

And for thoughts on the X7, mapperz has a post which was added to day by day as he spent more time with the phone – which incudes the quote ‘Plastic is dead bring on the stainless steel’. Fair to say he likes the design and build. Words like ‘rugged’ and ‘sturdiness’ pay tribute to that!

If you want to know anything more about #NokiaUnfenced, let any of the guys know, or ask us!