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LONDON, UK – Etiquette is important. It’s the code of a society that helps us to fit in and get on with everybody. If we want to not stick out like a sore thumb, we must follow this code. However, some people believe rules – even unwritten ones – are meant to be broken. Intel has done some research on mobile bad behaviour. Read on to find out what those results are.

According to the results, the most annoying habit – and the one that drives people mad the most, with 67 per cent – is people that talk loudly on their phones in public places.

Another interesting result is that those surveyed find it more acceptable for somebody to pick their nose than use a mobile in front of them.

What do you think? You’re all advanced phone users, so maybe your opinions are a bit different to the average person’s. Help us understand what is right – or wrong – when it comes to mobile use, by selecting up to three of the options, below.

Thanks for taking part in our poll, we’ll look over these results once we’ve gathered enough results.

Image credit: dmjarvey