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July 13, 2011

#NokiaUnfenced – two very different videos

Before the videos, a picture of Roland Tanglao on a horse. For no other reason than it’s a beautiful horse in a beautiful setting.

Now for a couple of videos of the weekend’s activities at the Canadian #NokiaUnfenced.

First up, the now infamous #NokiaUnfenced drop test, as shared by MyChaos:

Not sure anything else needs to be said about that. For more detail on the damage done, SimonLR shared this pic:

And then, courtesy of Andrew Currie, an epic AC Productions movie starring the cowboys of #NokiaUnfenced and some fine horses:

It was shot on the X7 that Andrew had for the weekend. What do you think of the video quality? And yes, the sky *was* that blue!

For more, keep checking #NokiaUnfenced, and of course we’ll be sharing more from the weekend as thoughts are gathered and put to virtual paper.