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BARCELONA, Spain – While we were out at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, as well as reporting on the news from the show, we were also preparing our Appstravaganza campaign. One key thing that we wanted to know was “What makes a great app?” Rather than give you our opinions, we corralled a bunch of brains from the top development houses to find out what the experts think. Watch the video after the jump.

Sharing their thoughts with us are Raam Thakrar (Touchnote), Brett Butterfield (PixelPipe), Mark Douglas (Skype), Michiel Boere (eBuddy) and Abhijit Bhattacharjee (Luna Ergonomics). Carlo Longino from development experts Wireless Industry Partnership also joins the mix. Thanks to all of them for sparing us some of their brain power.

We’ve got two more videos coming up in which Nokia experts and top-ranking bloggers explain their criteria for greatness. But what are yours?

image credit: Bekathwia