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GLOBAL – We’ve written about foursquare on Series 40 phones before. It’s a great example of the way feature phones are starting to become a lot smarter than ever before, a process that’s only going to accelerate over coming months. Well, this month the foursquare app has been improved and refined with a version two release that brings it a lot closer to the feature set on high-end phones and available to more people than ever. Details and video after the break.

Foursquare on Nokia is now an international and nearly-universal app, thanks to the latest upgrade. It allows users to check-in from almost anywhere from less expensive phones than has ever been possible before.

The Series 40 app has been improved to give it more functionality than previously. For starters, it now uses Nokia Maps to show you your location, allowing for tighter integration. It also now features the useful ‘Explore’ section, showing you nearby venues visited by your friends. It also shows nearby ‘specials’ – offers from brands to foursquare users. It also allows users to add new locations to the service.

Perhaps most importantly, the new version of the app is available in more countries than ever. With over 600 million Series 40 devices in market, foursquare can be used by people in more countries on a Nokia device than any other mobile device, illustrating the global appeal of checking-in, and Nokia’s ability to offer a rich internet experience in feature phones as well as smartphones.

Foursquare has become a social media phenomenon over the last year or so. The service allows users to record their location and publish it to social media channels. It currently boasts over 10mn users, with over 3mn check-ins performed every day. In total, there have been over 600,000,000 check-ins worldwide.

Here’s foursquare co-founder, Naveen Selvadurai, to explain what it’s all about:

Got a Series 40? Download it here. And let us know what you think of the new version below.

Image credit: jimmothy05