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GLOBAL – Welcome once again to Friday. The day of the week we all look forward too. It’s been a while since we looked at some photos taken by the much loved Nokia N8, so we’ve searched through Flickr for some of your photos and hope you enjoy our collection, in Friday’s Pick and Mix.

For a more detailed look of the photos, click on the links in each segment to be directed to their Flickr page.

  • Ah, the macro shot. Probably the most-used mode of Nokia N8 flickr members. Be.Futureproof has a nice shot of a black and orange moth – or butterfly, I find it hard to tell – and even he can’t believe a phone took this shot.

  • With the summer in full bloom – you’d never know it here in London right now – it’s easy to forget the great photos taken of colder, mistier times. With this great foggy shot taken by fihu, The colder months are captured, forever.

  • Sticking to the cold weather theme, Flyinace2000 has taken a wonderful image of a team of huskies pulling his sledge. From the first person point of view, it leaves us – well, me, anyway – wondering what that experience would’ve been like.

  • London. My favourite place in the world. Tower Bridge is a regular landmark in my daily life and I never get tired of seeing it. This great panoramic photo taken by mac morrison captures its historic beauty.

  • One thing I love about the Nokia N8, is its ability to capture a wide range of colours. While this image from alv1nW doesn’t have loads of different colours, the contrast from blue to yellow is striking.

  • A bit of a creepy one here. If you were ever thinking about re-creating a Batman movie with finger puppets, then the Joker would look a lot like this. Great finger painting GasPanic.

  • Al Pavangkanan has captured a great scene of the Los Angeles River at Burbank Boulevard. The blue sky is just amazing that seems to flow into the river on the horizon.

What do you think of these photos? Have you taken any photos with the Nokia N8 you’d like to share? Let us know, below.