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GLOBAL – We’ve been asking you for a few weeks now to partake in our Blogbite survey, so that we can make it an even better podcast for you. We’ve wanted to know a bit more about you, the listener then went on to ask what you like so far and what you’d like to see in the future. Now it’s time to look at the results.

We’d like to thank everybody who took the time to answer our short survey, we had around 500 responses. You’re all either really keen to make our podcast really great, or you just want to win one of the Nokia J Bluetooth Headsets that are on offer. Either way, we thank you.

One of the first questions on our survey was to determine where our listeners are tuning in from, and actually, we’re surprised by the results. Just over a third of our listeners are from Italy, far more than any other country. Go Italy – you guys clearly love your podcasts! We didn’t expect the divide to be so great between position one and two. Second on the list is India, followed closely by the USA, Finland and the UK just behind.

Here’s a Wordle image that represents the countries. The larger the word, the larger the votes we collected.

We’re not surprised to learn that 96 per cent of you are male. After all, this is a technology dedicated podcast. For the four per cent of women out there, how do you think we could make the Blogbite appealing to more women? We’d love to hear from you – use the comments below.

Age-wise, 46 per cent of you are between the ages of 20 and 29, leaving my age group – 30 to 34 – in third place with 16 per cent. A third of our listeners are students and 21 per cent work in the technology field somewhere, with the other option receiving nine per cent.

Over a third of you – 35 per cent – actually subscribe to our podcast, leaving another 65 per cent just finding it on their own, when they feel like it. If you want to subscribe but haven’t yet, there’s a small subscribe button on the podcast we embed on our Friday podcast. Make sure you give it a click.

As we’d expected, most of you heard about Blogbite through this very site, scoring 81 per cent. Some of you – 17 per cent – found it on another service with only two per cent finding it on iTunes.

Mostly, our Blogbite is listened to on Nokia Conversations. It seems that 58 per cent prefer to load up our site, read some news and maybe tune in all here in one place. What’s great to see is that just over 30 per cent of you take the Blogbite with you and listen to it through your phones.

Timing is everything. Too long and people may get bored. Too short and people will get frustrated, only wanting to hear more. There’s 67 per cent of you that think we’ve got the timing just right, with 17 per cent thinking we have it too long and 16 per cent wanting it to be longer.

Why do you listen to the Blogbite? That’s an important question for us and the top three answers here are relatively close together. Nokia products and services score 28 per cent, Devices & Handsets receives 22 per cent and New apps also receives 20 per cent. Fun banter only received four per cent, which I’m surprised at. I like the fun style that we use, it makes it feel more friendly. But I suppose that’s the point of a survey. To find out what other people like, or not.

With 59 per cent, you rate Blogbite as Good. Okay received 24 per cent and only 16 per cent of you classed our podcast as excellent. All the results are pointing towards the positive, but we want to produce an excellent podcast for you guys. That’s why we’re asking these questions. We’ll work on that to make it better, we promise.

So, going forward, what is it you’d like to see from our Blogbite? Just over 50 per cent of you agree that we need more guest speakers, but who? Let us know. Comments on other blogs is something you’d like to hear more of, with nearly 42 per cent and 44 per cent of you strongly agree that we need to spend some time talking with product specialists on our Blogbite. We like the idea of that, too. While we try to cover as much news as possible on Nokia Conversations, in written format, it seems that 36 per cent of our listeners agree that Blogbite should cover exclusive news not mentioned during the week, and competitions are always enjoyed, with 34 per cent agreeing. Live reporting from tech events scored quite highly too, so we’ll try to work out where we need to be, and when.

We asked a couple of open questions at the end of our survey, where we wanted to know general comments and how we can improve our podcast, as well as what other podcasts you listen to and you listen to plenty it seems. Apparently, most of you listen to Blogbite and none other. The second most nominated podcast is from the guys at AllAboutSymbian, with Engadget coming in third. There are of course plenty of other podcasts too, all ranging from music to politics to comedy. Here’s another Wordle image showing people’s most favourite podcasts. Remember, the larger the word the more nominations it received in our survey.

As promised, there are five winners that we’ve chosen randomly to win the Nokia J Bluetooth Headset and we’ll be contacting you via the email you gave, shortly. Congratulations!

We’d like to thank everybody for taking part in our Blogbite survey. We want to make this a better place for all of our visitors, so with this feedback we can now look into what we need to do next. If you have any comments regarding this survey or the Blogbite, we’d be delighted to hear them, in the comments box below.