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July 18, 2011

More from #NokiaUnfenced

If you weren’t at #NokiaUnfenced in Canada last weekend, there’s no shortage of places to find out what went down (the zipline) during the time on the ranch.

Tammi (a.k.a. MyChaos) has shared her favourite pics from the day. And while she concedes that it may have been an ‘extreme’ way to test the Nokias she had on her (N8, X7 and others) she makes correlations to real life – trying to take pics of the kids tearing round, texting while holding on to other stuff. Tammi says that ‘everyone needs a phone that works with the life you want to capture’ – hear hear!

And her fellow Mom, Jen (A Busy Mommy), also has put her thoughts down on paper – although she promises more about the X7 later. She too walks through the time she spent with her fellow cowboys and girls, including how she managed to test a Nokia while 50 feet up a tree on a tiny platform.

Jealous yet? Well wait until you read the thoughts they have on the X7 in the coming days (Hint: Jen – ‘right now I love it’.) Any questions/comments feel free to jump over to the posts and share them 🙂