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July 19, 2011

More tree-swinging (with Nokias) from #NokiaUnfenced

What….more? Yes, more. This one has a difference.

Whereas the earlier post was from a couple of Moms who perhaps weren’t overly familiar with Nokias (Jen has a C3, but this was the first time she had seen/handled an N8), both Simon and Roland are old hands.

Spot the phone that didn’t survive the simple drop test 🙂

Simon has collated his thoughts and shared them with his readers, along with some cracking treetop pics, and yes, that now infamous drop test video:

Also lending his skills to the lot as a videographer is Roland, who has posted his videos from the zipline (starring our very own @missdd among others)

Anything to say? Let us know, or ask Simon/Roland a question