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July 21, 2011

Part Two: #NokiaUnfenced photo contest winner!

By now, you’ve probably seen photos from the guys in Canmore, Alberta at #NokiaUnfenced last week, where various Nokia and non-Nokia phones were put to the test.

One of those challenges was the photo contest, to see who could take the picture that best summed up the day. Well, our judge, The Cowboy thought long and hard about it, and decided that Rannie Turingan of Photo Junkie was the worthy winner.

Taken on an N8 during their day on the ranch, The Cowboy felt that his striking photo embodies the spirit of the horses and the beautiful surroundings of Canmore.  It’s hard to believe this was taken on a smartphone!

Congrats Rannie – The Cowboy will be in touch! And for more pics from Rannie from Canmore, check out his Flickr stream.